Message from the President

会長写真In 1999, I was invited to the opening of Quilt National and viewed art quilts there. In the following year, 2000, I thought we should have a similar gathering in Japan.
During the first five years we built the foundation and began organizing our quilt exhibition to be held every two years. By the end of January 2011 we had had the third exhibition, showing our 11 year history. Our quilts show increasing quality with every exhibition. People visit our exhibitions from IQA (International Quilt Association, Houston, USA), Thailand, Korea and other overseas countries.
We have received invitations to their exhibitions as well as enrolling them in our membership. Our JCQA (Japan Contemporary Quilt Association) continues to be a workplace where each artist works hard to improve their quilts. I hope that JCQA keeps showing our high quality of work to the world.

JCQA President Yasuko Saito